Webcam Enabled

Webcam-Enabled QualBoard®: Richer participant insights, recorded directly on to QualBoard®

QualBoard® with webcams is the most complete qualitative software platform available anywhere. By integrating webcam technology, researchers can gather all the richness of a participant’s response—body language, tone of voice, and emotion—with the convenience of an online bulletin board discussion. In Webcam-Enabled boards, participants can record their video response directly to the board with one-click recording, no additional uploading required.
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What are the benefits to using a Webcam-Enabled QualBoard®?

Participant videos add a richness to the insight that you couldn’t necessarily acquire from a typical discussion. Video responses reveal participants’ true feelings because you can actually see their facial expressions and body language, and hear their tone as they talk about your client’s product or service. Get deeper feedback—easily and quickly.
We make it easy to download participant videos so you can show your clients exactly how participants feel about the product. Seeing truly is believing.
This innovative platform also includes EasyClip™, our easy-to-use video editor that allows researchers to quickly find and keep the key webcam moments they need. With EasyClip™ users can create their own video montages and download them to a computer desktop or drop it into a report or PowerPoint™ presentation. Powerful and insightful, QualBoard® with webcams really helps researchers capture the whole story.

Enhance your research


The world’s most advanced online research platform.

QualBoard® Mobile™

Participants can answer moderator questions, upload video and pictures, post LifeNotes™ journals—all on the go.

QualBoard® +Plus™

Add on QualBoard® +Plus™ for truly exceptional bundled service. Focus on the research—we’ll take care of the rest!


Respondents can easily upload pictures, video, and comments anytime, anywhere for mobile journaling activities.

QualBoard® Global™

A bundled package of software and services designed specifically for global research projects.


Revolutionary concept testing and markup tool allows respondents to evaluate advertising, concepts, copy, web pages, etc.


Seamlessly integrates QualBoard® with your survey software so you can do in-depth follow-up of your quantitative studies.

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.

Advanced Reporting

Client-friendly deliverables generated within a matter of minutes.