20|20 Research Moves Dial Testing Online, Expanding Reach and Audience

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NEW TOOL GREATLY INCREASES ACCESS, REDUCES COST, TIME AND COMPLEXITIES NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 7, 2015)  -- Dial testing has been a staple of the advertising world for years to test the effectiveness of television ads, political ads, videos, movie trailers, speeches and the like.   Today, the technique went on steroids. Global research technology and service company 20|20 [...]

20|20 Research Updates Platforms with Next Gen Technologies

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FIRM CONTINUES TO LEAD THE MARKETPLACE WITH BLEEDING EDGE INNOVATIONS THAT HELP RESEARCHERS DO BETTER RESEARCH NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 3 2015)  -- With one eye to the market and one eye to its customers, global research technology and service company 20|20 Research today announced a series of updates to a number of its well-known and [...]

CASE STUDY: Virtual Intercepts

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Reading it Right: Using 20|20's Virtual Intercept hybrid research technology to ensure a better customer experience  RPG Innovations, an international pet care products company, wanted to ensure that consumers have the best experience possible with a revolutionary new Out! Petcare brand stain and odor cleaning product. Given the highly-innovative concept, the Out! brand team questioned [...]