Quirk’s recently published an article written by 20|20 Founder and President, Jim Bryson, in their May 2016 issue.

“Seeking Some Clarity: What is Hybrid Quant/Qual Anyway?” provides case studies from researchers to shed light on the rise in popularity of hybrid quant/qual methods.

The following is a brief excerpt:

Currently, hybrid quant/qual research is all the rage. A recent survey indicated that 58% of corporate researchers planned to invest in new quant/qual techniques in the next 24 months.  This coincides with a growing industry buzz around “hybrid quant/qual” research, the leading edge of a new era in research.  As business-decision lead times continue to shorten and technology further improves researchers’ ability to integrate different types of data, the distance between methodologies will shrink and begin to blur, creating faster, more agile research capabilities than we have ever imagined.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: Quirks May 2016