Video Portal

Video Portal: Video research made easier

Save time and improve the reporting of video research. Video Portal makes it easy for researchers to quickly identify key insights in their video projects through free real-time transcription. Search for keywords in your transcript and skip to the moments that matter. No more plowing through every minute of video to search for important insights. Analyze key findings and deliver a customized, edited video that powerfully communicates the findings direct from the consumer.

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What are the benefits with Video Portal?

Save time analyzing your videos. Instantly receive free, real-time video transcription through Video Portal. Skip straight to the moments you want to focus on without wading through the whole video. Plus, search across your entire project for keywords and see all the videos from your project that match.
With Video Portal, you can view, share, and analyze your QualMeeting™ videos plus download audio files, video files, and transcriptions — all from one central location.
20|20 will ensure you get the most out of Video Portal. Our staff will ensure your project goes smoothly so you can get deeper insights and better deliverables than ever before. 20|20 can set up your Video Portal, load your videos, and help you create a edited video with key clips. 20|20 offers unparalleled support and partnership with Video Portal. Bottom line: you cannot get this level of side-by-side support anywhere in the industry. Count on 20|20 to deliver your Video Portal experience right the first time, every time.