Just like in-person interviews, details matter when it comes to online real-time interviewing. Whether you are new to QualMeeting™ or a seasoned veteran, the logistics of a project can divert your time and attention away from the research objectives. QualMeeting™ +Plus allows the researcher to focus on study design and analysis; a trained QualMeeting™ expert handles all the details.

Dedicated to your Entire Project

A dedicated project manager helps get all the details in order with a project kickoff call, a project-specific timeline and daily updates on participant tech checks and meeting status. You never need to worry if something has been overlooked—your project manager keeps everything on track.

Included in QualMeeting™ +Plus

  • One-on-one training, as needed.
  • Room setup: stimuli are uploaded and platform is designed around your research objectives. Includes dry-run time to prior to your first session.
  • New advanced feature package of polling and question types including card sorting, ranking, and multiple choice.
  • Translator and unlimited client teleconference lines.
  • Separate client audio for “behind the glass” meeting discussions.
  • Post-session video editing: 20|20 creates a 30-minute video montage of moderated selected clips.
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Enhance your research


QualMeeting™: Real-time webcam interviewing and online focus groups.


In-homeMobile Ethnography™

Real-time interviews through participant smartphones. Get the “fly on the wall” feel without the intrusion.

Virtual Intercepts™

Virtually intercept your followers through any social media platform into a live webcam interview. Get real insights in real-time.


Real-Time Transcription

Available during a live session with a recording made available as soon as the session concludes.


Interactive Surveys

Meetings are now more engaging with advanced polling options including card sorting, likert scales, and ranking.

Virtual Lobby

Available on all QualMeeting™ sessions, the lobby gives participants a place to wait for their interview appointment.

Right Sized Communities

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.