QualLage: Free collaging tool for everyone

QualLage is our latest innovation and our gift to the market research industry. More and more, researchers are turning to projective techniques and creative activities to unlock insights from research participants. Collaging is a common tool researchers use to encourage respondents to create a visual representation of a product, service, or experience. Now, anyone can use the 20|20 QualLage tool anywhere, any time, on any platform.

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What are the benefits of QualLage?

Collaging allows respondents to express feelings or perceptions that are often difficult to put into words. The images respondents generate through collaging serve as powerful visual indicators of their thoughts and feelings.
Collages serve as vivid report enhancements that allow researchers to better communicate concepts to marketers.
That’s right. Free. QualLage is free for any researcher to use on any platform, not just 20|20 Research’s platforms. Use it however you want, whenever you want.