QualLaborate™ is a revolutionary Concept Evaluation and Image Markup Tool that allows you to get rich, detailed feedback about new product ideas, advertising and design concepts, storyboards, wireframes or any other type of visual stimuli.

Other industry solutions for image markup rely on technology designed for quantitative research and are a poor fit for online qualitative research. QualLaborate™ was designed and built from the ground up for qualitative research. It’s the only markup tool in existence that includes features designed to provide you the insight you need.
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What makes QualLaborate™ the only truly qualitative markup tool?

Our revolutionary First Impression feature allows you to capture unbiased, “gut reaction” opinions about each concept or idea, then use the markup tools to gather deeper feedback.
QualLaborate™ allows you to rotate or randomize your concepts bias. Participants can mark up ads, brands, images, product labels, documents, pamphlets, and more.
The integrated reporting makes analysis easy. No more external tables or Excel spreadsheets. It’s all in one place. QualLaborate™ includes both pre-packaged and ad-hoc reports that make easy work out of analyzing your data and jumping right in to your findings. You can pull a wide range of reports, including heat-maps, click-maps, and even the “raw data” for analysis in other applications.

Enhance your research


The world’s most advanced online research platform.

QualBoard® Mobile™

Participants can answer moderator questions, upload video and pictures, post LifeNotes™ journals—all on the go.

QualBoard® +Plus™

Add on QualBoard® +Plus™ for truly exceptional bundled service. Focus on the research—we’ll take care of the rest!


Respondents can easily upload pictures, video, and comments anytime, anywhere for mobile journaling activities.

QualBoard® Global™

A bundled package of software and services designed specifically for global research projects.


Seamlessly integrates QualBoard® with your survey software so you can do in-depth follow-up of your quantitative studies.

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.


With a webcam-enabled QualBoard®, participants can record video responses to questions directly onto the board.

Advanced Reporting

Client-friendly deliverables generated within a matter of minutes.