QualBoard Mobile
QualBoard® Mobile™ lets participants post messages, pictures, and videos to a full-featured QualBoard® discussion while they are on-the-go and away from their computers. By going mobile, respondents can share their thoughts and experiences wherever life takes them.
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Why use QualBoard® Mobile™?

QualBoard® Mobile™ is simple to implement. You don’t need to worry about how to design a mobile discussion. Just enable the mobile option and your participants can begin answering questions on their smartphones or mobile devices. We’ve made it seamless and easy for you to deliver mobile insights.
A unique geo-location feature offers an additional level of insight. Once participants opt-in, you can pinpoint where they are when they post to QualBoard®, helping you correlate their responses to their activities or locations.
The voice-to-text feature makes it easy for participants to respond…no more of those frustrating tiny mobile keyboards!
QualBoard® Mobile™ works on iPhone and Android mobile phones so your research is not limited to users of a single device.
Include recruiting from 20|20’s smartphone panel and your project is easy for you and fully integrated for your participants. No more “handoffs” from one supplier to another that can result in frustrating errors and omissions.

Combining mobile capabilities with a QualBoard® discussion opens up endless opportunities for your research:

  • Execute self-guided shop-a-longs with depth and including pictures or videos.
  • Participant can begin a QualBoard® discussion at home and answer questions later while running errands.
  • Collect a video diary of a participant’s daily workout routine.
  • Mobile rankings while watching television—have participants watch shows during primetime and rate commercials.

People are on the move. Now your research can be, too. QualBoard® Mobile™ gives you the freedom to stay connected to your participants anytime, anywhere.

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The world’s most advanced online research platform.

QualBoard® +Plus™

Add on QualBoard® +Plus™ for truly exceptional bundled service. Focus on the research—we’ll take care of the rest!


Respondents can easily upload pictures, video, and comments anytime, anywhere for mobile journaling activities.

QualBoard® Global™

A bundled package of software and services designed specifically for global research projects.


Revolutionary concept testing and markup tool allows respondents to evaluate advertising, concepts, copy, web pages, etc.


Seamlessly integrates QualBoard® with your survey software so you can do in-depth follow-up of your quantitative studies.

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.


With a webcam-enabled QualBoard®, participants can record video responses to questions directly onto the board.

Advanced Reporting

Client-friendly deliverables generated within a matter of minutes.