LifeNotes™ is a breakthrough journaling application that combines the mobility and capability of smartphones with the power of QualBoard® to deliver a research tool that is unequaled in its ability to deliver a digital 360° research experience. Now, you can get in-the-moment feedback that is robust and actionable like never before.

By downloading the QualBoard® Mobile™ application, participants can use LifeNotes™ anytime and anywhere, even when there is not a mobile connection. Researchers no longer have to rely on participants’ memories or train participants to upload video. Now, the researcher simply sends out a LifeNotes™ assignment and the participants snap a picture, take a video and/or make a comment at anytime, anywhere. LifeNotes™ uploads the information automatically. It’s easy.

Mobile pictures, video, and comments create powerful insights. Add the integrated QualBoard® functionality and you have the tools to expand those insights to go deeper and farther than ever. LifeNotes™ + QualBoard® create an ethnographic data stream plus the capability for deeper individual or group discussions. You get the best of all worlds.

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Why use LifeNotes™?

Participants can leave LifeNotes™ from their computer as well as their mobile phone. The phone’s voice dictation feature can make posting even easier while on the go. If you need to know where your participants are, you can use the opt-in geo-location feature to know where each post is made.
LifeNotes™ is a great journaling tool. Participants can journal anytime, anywhere. Capture their insights and feelings in real-time with rich videos, pictures, and comments.

Enhance your research


The world’s most advanced online research platform.

QualBoard® Mobile™

Participants can answer moderator questions, upload video and pictures, post LifeNotes™ journals—all on the go.

QualBoard® +Plus™

Add on QualBoard® +Plus™ for truly exceptional bundled service. Focus on the research—we’ll take care of the rest!

QualBoard® Global™

A bundled package of software and services designed specifically for global research projects.


Revolutionary concept testing and markup tool allows respondents to evaluate advertising, concepts, copy, web pages, etc.


Seamlessly integrates QualBoard® with your survey software so you can do in-depth follow-up of your quantitative studies.

Right Sized Communities

Create a pre-recruited panel of participants with your specific criteria for a long-term research study at your convenience.


With a webcam-enabled QualBoard®, participants can record video responses to questions directly onto the board.

Advanced Reporting

Client-friendly deliverables generated within a matter of minutes.