Dial Testing

Dial Testing: Gauge responses faster, anywhere

For years, dial testing has been a favorite methodology for testing video with in-person focus groups or large central location tests. Now, online technology takes dial testing to the respondents. With Internet access, respondents can participate in a dial testing project from anywhere: home or office, urban or rural, local or distant.

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What are the benefits to dial testing online?

Researchers are no longer bound by the constraints of face-to-face dial testing; we bring the dial testing to the respondents. Researchers can get instant feedback faster and less expensively by eliminating travel time, facility rentals and special equipment rentals.
20|20 takes online dial testing further than ever before. Our staff will ensure your project goes smoothly so you can get deeper insights and better deliverables than ever before. 20|20 can recruit respondents, supply the discussion platform (QualBoard® or QualMeeting™), manage the project, set up the online dial testing, manage the stimuli and provide full technical support.
20|20 offers unparalleled support and partnership with your online dial testing projects. Bottom line: you cannot get this level of side-by-side support anywhere in the industry. Count on 20|20 to deliver your online dial testing experience right the first time, every time.